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Downloading a PDF using a button or Menu option

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I'm using ReportBuilder 18, and I need an option to download PDF's to the user's machine instead of displaying the report. How do I accomplish this?


I'm using uniGUI and Delphi 10.2.


Thanks in advance.

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Use UniSession.SendFile


Best regards,

I'm not sure on how to do it. I would like a save dialog box to prompt the user for filename and location.


Here's my code to create the PDF below


function TrepDataModule.GenRep(ID: Integer; ReportName: string): string;
   lPDFDevice:  TppPDFDevice;
      lPDFDevice := TppPDFDevice.Create(nil);
      lPDFDevice.PDFSettings := Reports.PDFSettings;
      lPDFDevice.FileName    := UniServerModule.NewCacheFileUrl(False, 'pdf', '', '', Result, True);
      lPDFDevice.Publisher   := Reports.Publisher;
      // generate the report
Thank you.

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