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UniPDFFrame does not display Checkboxs Correctly

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The UniPDFFrame frame does not display Checkbox correctly, but when downloading the file

or using UniURLFrame the checkboxes are shown correctly.


Please see the attached thumbnails.


UniPDFFrame.png file shows the PDF render from the application

Render.png shows the PDF downloaded using the option on the UniPDFFrame.

The Reportbuilder.png is the design view of the report.


I'm using uniGUI and Delphi 10.2


Thanks in advance.




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For reproduce can you make a simple pdf file with checkboxes?


I created a report using checkboxes in ReportBuilder only. 

I've attached an example of what I see using the UniPDFFrame and the output from it.



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It seems that your PDF uses some special fonts which can't be properly displayed in web. Can you use UrlFrame instead?



I  really like the PDFFrame. 


Also, the checkbox component is native to ReportBuilder.


I really like uniGUI.


My company uses Visual Studio as the corporate standard for web development.


I've been using Delphi and UniGUI to convert some desktop applications fast and now people are interested in the tools.


Good Job Sir!

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Your pdf file uses the Wingdings font, Wingdings is not standard (what a surprise coming from Microsoft) because not mapped to Unicode, and so should never be used on a website.


I do not know, can you use "another" font in ReportBuilder ...?


Best regards,

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