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Main menu that works for tablet and phone

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Hi All,


I am working on a project that consists of a 'office' application that manages data that can be seen and edited in a 'mobile' app - I have used both Sencha and SenchaTouch.

Now, all of my business logic is more or less done, and it is easy to make the office app look ok, as its a standard web application with grids and forms (as per delphi vcl really) 


So, I am now looking and making the mobile application look good and feel better.


(The mobile application will mostly be used on a iPad, and sometimes used on a iPhone) So I need to make the menu work and look OK for both platforms.


I am trying to implement something like the attached file. What would be the best way to go about this, as a starting point? I am currently using a TUnimList to create a list of menu items, that I can browse to. This works OK(ish), but the user experience would not be good.


I know this is a very vague question, but I am struggling with inspiration and how to implement.

I am using sencha-touch theme, it doesn't need to be fancy just functional. 


Any other ideas are welcome, perhaps even some screen shots of what you are working on?


Thanks, Dan.


**EDIT** - I am trying to achieve this using client side alignment 


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Hi All, been playing around and not really getting very far. I just need to be able to make a image/glyph (either or) stretch to fill the button. The image below shows my result.

Is this the correct way to go about things, or is their a better way?



Any help would be great.



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Hi Mohammad,


I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out, and probably a lot others with this solution.


I will look over the solution, so that I can get an understanding of how you've implemented it.


Thanks again,




**EDIT** Looks great - I can see how you have done it - looks like I have a lot to learn about layouts!

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