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UniTreeView1.LoadFromFile & SaveToFile

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#1 Abaksoft


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Posted 19 December 2017 - 10:45 AM

Hello Farshad,


Is it possible to add these 2 methodes (LoadFomFile  &  SaveToFile)  to UniTreeView ?

(File ? a Text one).


Why ?

In a big structure, scan records from a DataBase, UniTreeView can take big times

(It's not because of Unigui, this is from the sweep DB  : While Not Query.Eof do  .....  Query.Next).

In a previous VCL project I used these two methodes and it was very fast as a formula 1 :

Just write manually a Text, with spaces and it works impeccably (all nodes take their place).

See in attachment example.


In related topcs :

  FreeMan uses XML.  But it required Mirosoft XML to be installed. So not a good solution.
  Stiaas uses a VCL code, I Could'nt exported it to Unigui : Methode .MoveTo   does'nt exists.
So, I tried to modify the UniTreeViews.pas  to add all procedures from unit Vcl.ComCtrls  like :
  procedure TTreeStrings.LoadTreeFromStream(Stream: TStream; AEncoding: TEncoding);
  procedure TTreeStrings.SaveTreeToStream(Stream: TStream; AEncoding: TEncoding);
But after 3 hours, I had to leave (too difficult for me).
Can you do it please Farshad, or is there an alternate soution from ExtJS ?
VCL  LoadFromFile Project

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#2 Delphi Developer

Delphi Developer

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Posted 19 December 2017 - 11:02 AM



We will try


Best regards,

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#3 Freeman35


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Posted 22 December 2017 - 09:35 AM


I used xml  'cos no need extra control so easy to use. my os is w10 and default installed. I mean I don't install extra program, driver etc.

this are default come with delphi. I'm use delphi tokyo.
"uses Xml.XMLIntf,  Xml.XMLDoc;"

My suggestions are.

1- You can use 3rd party xml tools. can find free one on web ( I think :) )

2- Can use Recod. key words are "delphi sequential file", "assignfile", "reset", "closefile", "rewrite"  (I remeber pascal 5.5 :) )

3- Can modify my code and use any text file, but you haveto add many control code.

4- Not tested, but you can create TTreeView on runtime, none show. and add node(s) like UniTrreview, I mean clone unitreeview to treeview vcl. then saveto stream or saveto file this vcl. then free vcl treeview. for loadfromxxx same way.



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#4 Abaksoft


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Posted 22 December 2017 - 11:24 AM

Thank you FreeMan,


When i Try your program  uniTreeViewXML.zip   from



I have a DOMexception :  "No Microsoft MSXML  installed"   !

Maybe, because I have no MSOffice on my PC  (just OpenOffice).

Tested on Delphi Tokyo.


I like your  suggestion N°4, I will try .

But the best way, is to complete UniTreeViews.pas  by overloading methodes from Delphi unit Vcl.ComCtrls.

I continue to test and comme back soon.


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