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Form. To remove the border.

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Hi. I need to remove the border from the form.

I read the forum and found:

function window.afterrender(sender, eOpts)
  Ext.get(sender.id).el.setStyle("padding", 0);
  Ext.get(sender.id).el.setStyle("border-width", 1);
  Ext.get(sender.id).el.setStyle("-webkit-border-radius", 0);
  Ext.get(sender.id).el.setStyle("-moz-border-radius", 0);
  Ext.get(sender.id).el.setStyle("border-radius", 0);

It works, but the top of the form there is panel: Align:=alTop. And I have the effect - the panel is not realigned. See the attachment

how to fix it?


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Thanks for the testcase,


One possible solution:


UniPanel1 -> ClientEvents -> UniEvents -> function beforeInit:

function beforeInit(sender, config)

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