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Autofill how to turn off

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Is there a way to turn off autofill (or maybe called autocomplete) in the application?


When filling in the  form the browser  prompts to autofil the Edit fields on the screen.  The information presented to autofill would never be the correct information, so I would like to turn it off in my program.



It looks like it can be added to the form property, but I don't know how.


<form method="post" action="/form" autocomplete="off">

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In Chrome (and probably the other browsers as well) 

go to Settings->Advanced->Passwords and forms


There you will see Autofill settings.


In there you will see addresses:

with a bunch of addresses (and credit cards), you have filled out on other web pages


If you are on a web page that has what chrome thinks is an address it will prompt to put in one the saved addresses.


In my case these addresses will never be correct, so I would like to NOT have Chrome prompt with the option to fill in the address fields.


From what I found out on the internet if you have a form on a web page and add autocomplete="off" it will not prompt for autocomplete.



<form method="post" action="/form" autocomplete="off">


But I don't know how to add a parameter to the <form>.  I am assuming that somehow we are generating a HTML form.

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I don't know if it will autofill for you.  From reading about autofill it looks like it trys to match things saved by your browser that match the form.


So I named the fields Address, City, State, and Zipcode.


For me, it suggests items to autofill




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One possible solution:


MainmForm -> ClientEvents -> UniEvents -> Ext.form.Panel [form] -> function form.afterCreate:

function form.afterCreate(sender)
    sender.element.dom.setAttribute('autocomplete', 'off');



Best regards,

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