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ANN: New version ( is available for download


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Message from: "Farshad Mohajeri"


I'm glad to announce that a new version is available for public download.

There are lots of bug fixes and many new features in this new version.

A complete list of new features and fixes is available below.


NOTE: If you have downloaded version please replace it with which fixes some problems in 0.77.0.


Best Regards

Farshad Mohajeri

FMSoft Co. Ltd.



Complete ChangeLog for this new version.:


- D2009+ UniFrame creation problem

- Other Project Wizard related bugs fixed


- uniEdit, uniDBEdit: CharEOL property added

- Buttons: Click Method implemented

- New WebOptions property for uniDBGrid (Paged, PageSize)

- CodeMirror: Missing Pascal keywords added

- New Demo: CharEOL Demo


- Delphi XE Support

- uniTreeView: AddChild() Implemented

- uniTreeNode: IsFirstNode() Implemented

- ExtPascal: VarToJSON: WideString conversion bug

- uniTreeView: D2009+ resource compatibility issue

- In web mode some controls aren't assigned a default Width/Height

- In StrToJs is not interpreted correctly.

- UniSyntaxEdit: CodePress replaced with CodeMirror (CodePress files removed

from installer)

- Standalone server will display application name

- Control parent assignment bug when parent is TUniForm

- UniRadioGroup: runtime OnClick event assignment bug

- Other minor changes and fixes

- New Demo: SQL Demo ( Requires DBISAM

http://www.elevatesoft.com/download?category=dbisam )


- Internal Bug fix in TUniExtWinControl.SetComponentsLoaded()

- Internal Bug fix in TUniExtWinControl.RemoveControl()

- UniEdit: MaxLength Property implemented

- UniSplitter improved

- Several bug fixes in UniSplitter

- UniSyntaxEdit improved

- UniSyntaxEdit bug fixes

- Now SynEdit Packages are included in the installer


- New: Inheritable Frames

- New: Inheritable DataModules

- New: In "Object Inspector" properties that are not implemented in web mode

are displayed in gray

- Bug in inherited form implementation

- Improved exception handling

- UniDBGrid: OnCellClick passes wrong Column

- TUniDBGridColumn: Implement Field public property

- When wsMaximized some components may render in wrong placed (IE8)

- TUniForm: OnDestroy() implemented

- DB Controls: Dynamic DataSource assignment

- Workaround for WindowState wsMaximized problem


- New: Service Application implemented

- Async request mode is default mode now

- Several Bug fixes and changes in AJAX Core

- DB Controls: Internal improvements and fixes


- Several internal core changes and bug fixes


- Sync mode partially disabled


- New Component TUniFileUpload

- KeyEvents internal bug

- TUniDBNavigator: VisibleButtons Property implemented

- TUniEdit: Clear Method implemented

- Bug: Showing a Window in another Window's OnShow event

- uniMainMenu: Top level menus OnClick event not implemented

- KeyEvents Bug

- AJAX Core problem

- Now Close tool button on Window can be removed

- New Sync/Async modes implemented

- Bug: Calling DataSet.Refresh in OnClose event may raise Ajax Error

- When no project is active creating a new Form or DataModule fails

- TUniImage: PNG Images are not shown in Web Mode

- PNG/GIF type Images will not be converted to other formats

- AV when calling FullExpand method of TUniTreeView

- TUniTreeView: FullCollapse implemented

- Internal Bug in DB Control DataChange

- TUniForm: OnActivate implemented

- Bug in ShowMessage

- New Demo: FileUpload


- New Component TUniDBListBox

- New Component TUniDBComboBox

- New Component TUniURLFrame

- Form Inheritance implemented

- OnEnter and OnExit Events implemented

- TUniRadioGroup: OnClick Event implemented

- Bug in UniTabControl

- URL Parameters Implemented

- New method: UniApplication.Terminate()

- TUniEdit CharCase property implemented

- TUniDateTimePicker "Visible" bug fixed

- SetFocus bug fixed

- TuniRadioGroup: ItemIndex implemented

- TUniPageControl: Property ActivePage implemented

- TUniListBox: ItemIndex bug fixed

- DB Controls: internal Bug fixed

- StandAloneServer Control Panel imporved

- Improved Project Wizard

- UniDateTimePicker: OnChange event implemented

- Forms divided into two categories: Application Forms and normal Forms

- KeyDown, KeyUp, KeyPress implemented

- ExtRoot bug in ServerModule fixed

- ClientHeight problem in XP theme fixed

- 4 new demos: URLFrame, FormInheritance, Dynamic, URLParameters




First Beta





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