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Mobile image annotation

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Hi All,


I need a bit of help to understanding how to annotate an image in a touch application.


I have the Signaturepad working OK - which allows the user to record a signature with their finger, which utilises the HTML frame and js.


What I need to do is not too dissimilar to this,


1.Load an image into a unimImage

2.Allow the user, to use their finger/pen etc to mark certain areas on the image, like the image attached.




Any help on how to tackle this issue is greatly appreciated.


**Edit, should probably move this to the Mobile section - my bad**


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I've been doing some more research and found this - https://djaodjin.com/blog/jquery-plugin-to-annotate-images.blog


This looks like it does exactly what I want.


First question - is it possible to integrate something like this within UniGUI?


I've been looking at the JQuery desktop demo that ships with UniGUI, however I am really struggling to know where to start to try an attempt to integrate this into a UnimHTMLFrame.


Has anyone got any time to guide me through how to tackle this?



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