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Problem with libmysql5.dll

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I was able to deploy unigui application (.exe) to a windows server. This is a simply a login form, when user key in username and password, the application will issue a mysql select statement to check user's password. In the folder I have my application test.exe and the mysql dll libmysql5.dll and that everything is working fine.


The problem is when I change it to ISAPI module, it failed. Deployment is OK, I can see the login windows when I key in http://localhost/test.dllin my browser. However, when I press the OK button on the login form, an access violation comes out from my browser. I think the call to mysql DB cause the problem ! I have put test.dll and libmysql5.dll under the same web application folder, so what's wrong ? Can you help me to fix it ? Please help !



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