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Refresh unimDBListGrid and unimLabel via unimTimer


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I have a uniDBListGrid and UnimLabel that I want to refresh (update) via a unimTimer - please advise in Delphi code - thanks.


procedure TUniMainModule.UnimTimer1Timer(Sender: TObject);
  UniMainModule.MyQuery.Refresh; // Data is modified externally
  UniSession.AddJS(MainmForm.UnimDBListGrid1.JSName + '.view.refresh();');
IF DataPanelmForm is Showing (shown via Disclosure) then update etc.
  DataPanelmForm.lblServicedCalls.Text:= 'ServicedCalls: '+IntToStr(UniMainModule.DataSource1.DataSet.FieldByName('ServicedCalls').AsInteger);
  UniSession.AddJS(DataPanelmForm.lblServicedCalls.JSName + '.refresh();');
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OK, Trial and Error has shown me that uniTimers/unimTimers only work on the form on which they are placed !


I had my timer on the MainModule (so as to reduce resources) and called it from other forms - does not work for me as stated above.


Also, the advise I had been given earlier (UniSession.AddJS(MainmForm.UnimDBListGrid1.JSName + '.view.refresh();');) failed because there is no View property. I have dropped the "view" qualifier.


​Now working.


Posted for the benefit of others that follow.

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