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Closing uniGUI Application


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When a user clicks a button to exit my uniGUI application it currently displays a page: "Web Session Terminated" with a hyperlink to Restart Application.

Instead of the above occurring I would like the browser tab/window to close rather than display the above.


What changes do I need to make to force my application to close it's own browser tab/window when exiting?



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Ordinary javascript cannot close windows willy-nilly. This is a security feature, introduced a while ago, to stop various malicious exploits and annoyances.

This means, with one small exception, javascript must not be allowed to close a window that was not opened by that same javascript.


You can use UniApplication.Restart or servermodule.options.soRestartSessionOnTimeout = True

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Hi Hayri,


  Thanks for your reply.


  My application is actually launched from within another uniGUI application via javascript and so once a user has finished with my application I need to be able to close my tab/window.

  In my situation would I be able to use javascript to close my tab/window when someone clicks on the exit button in my application and if so where would I need to put this javascript so it can be executed?

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