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UnimFileUpload image on mobile with cropping feature?

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I was wondering if UniGui mobile has the feature to pick images from mobile using chrome or the default browser. The App give me the option to choose camera or gallery but when capture a new photo from camera or gallery and upload it to unigui server, the picture appears to be rotated.


Also, there is no cropping/ editing the picture before uploading it to server.


So, I was wondering how can I achieve this in unigui mobile?


Any help will be appreciated. thanks in advance



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About the rotate picture, most devices, even if is in portrait, take the photo on landscape, and add an information to the file (EXIF) to say if is portrait or not.

I think there's not much to do, since Delphi doesn't read the EXIF information of the picture file.

You can make a rotate option, but can be slow and may cause quality loss.

Maybe there's a component for Delphi to read the EXIF, but for who doesn't use third party components, no solution yet.

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