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Missing RTTI information


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Good morning to all of you.

I'm new to uniGUI and I'm trying the trial edition.

If I have a TUniForm (TUniMainForm) with a TUniButton on it and I have decorated this button with a custom RTTI attribute and at runtime my code search for it, the attribute is not found (not exist).


What's different than a normal application? (where of course it works properly).

Is anyone able to answer me?

Many thanks.

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This issue still ramins. You have to change the Rtti visibility of your Forms if you want to see your custom methods, private objects or custom properties.


{$RTTI EXPLICIT METHODS([vcPrivate..vcPublished]) PROPERTIES([vcPrivate..vcPublished]) FIELDS([vcPrivate..vcPublished])}

This way everything will be visible using Rtti.



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