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More than one installations of Delphi

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I had already installed in a win7 PC 2 versions of Delphi,  XE3 and XE5.  I had successfully install the trial version of UniGui in both Delphi's.


The issue I had is that the demo mdemo is running fine in XE5 but not in XE3.


The error I get when build in XE3 is DDetours.pas(1097): F2051 Unit uniGUIServer was compiled with a different version of DDetours.InterceptCreate.


Can anyone knows the case?



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After research I found out that the error is coming from unit uniGUIServer.dcu which is supplied within the installation setup procedure under the folder .

C:\Program Files (x86)\FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\Dcu\Delphi2013 for X3.


I repeat installation for XE3 only but I can't build the package uniGUI17Core with the same error.


I think is a wrong compiled uniGUIServer.dcu  for XE3 installation.

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