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Problem - Unigui apps on Development machine don´t work anymore


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Hi, Farshad


So far everything was ok, I'm developing a new unigui web app and I like it so mush, I'm using Delphi berlin update 2.

But today when o run the app and open the browser ( any browser) the app don't start, all I get is "loading..."

I'm, using version 1399 of unigui


In the developer console of the browser there is some errors :


SCRIPT5009 : ' Ext' is undefined

localhost:8077 (18,2)


SCRIPT5009: 'uniVars' is undefined


I thought it was some error in my app so i create a new one empty only the default form, but the problem is the same.

I send a log server in attach



Any Idear?


thanks in advance.







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I final got it working

1-  I just just remove everything, 

2 - remove the bpl's from embarcadero bpl folder, 

3 - Restart computer.

4 - Re-install unigui  and it's working.


Anyway, I still don't know why this has hapened, I hope this problem will not happen again.



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