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Project in MVC + Zeos + Firebird 3 (Stress with more than 1000 sessions)

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Hello guys,


Follow a link from youtube with the presentation I made about uniGUI in 14º Firebird Develop Day in Brazil, although the video is in Portuguese, in the descriptions it has the link has the project (user: fdd and password: fdd) I used to do stress tests and show the potential of uniGUI.




I think it's a good example of structure for those who are starting.

Who wants to switch to firedac, just change the unit SF.DB.pas








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I like to use this standardization, it is easy to do maintenance or even transfer the business rule to another layer, it can give a bit of work at the start due to typing a few more codes.

There are dozens of articles on the web about this standardization, you can go deeper and see whether or not it makes up for you.


Best regards

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