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FireWall Incoming rules (World Wide Web Http) !

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Hello Farshad,


I deployed many times, my same Unigui dll (isapi) on :

- windows Server 2008 

- windows Server 2012 

- windows 10 Pro  

and No problem. Just fellowing your Online doc (deploying on iis) and it works fine.


Today, i tried to deploy it, as usually on a  windows 7 Pro / 64bits and then....Mmm !

After 5 hours...I found :


in Windows 7  the FireWall  is the ugly Duckling :


on Incoming rules :

Service World Wide Web Http  is by default not activate.

It must be Activate to allow acces from web.


Farshad, can you please, add this in your Online doc. 

This can save us many times.






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