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Help for a project around Electronic document management

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I need a guy  help me to  Create a software around Electronic document management.


Please let me know if interested and pricing,





Display of incoming mails in an intranet WEBB application in PDF format. 
The person in the mail department opens and scans the mails, then enter some search keyword. ( OCR will be implemented later in a second time)

 Finally takes them back to assign them either to the person in charge of the mail (filing in a directory) or to a secretariat.

An information link is sent to the person receiving a mail or a  notification in the Web application.
Mail can be redirected to another person with an annotation or comments.

The application will have a search engine to locate any mail + event history. It can (eventually) operate in Mobile - Android / IPhone mode. Each user will connect to the application and find on his / her dashboard, assigned mails of the day, annotations, memo etc ... It allows on the same server to have several places of centralization of incoming mail.





Object : GED

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