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in UniLoginFormCreate, UniApplication.ScreenWidth 's value is "0"


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in UniLoginFormCreate, UniApplication.ScreenWidth 's value is "0" how can I get screenwidth while or before UniLoginFormCreate ?

procedure TFRM_Login.UniLoginFormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  Self.BorderStyle:= bsNone;
  Self.Left:= UniApplication.ScreenWidth div 2;

Thank you.

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Can help you,




1. UniLoginForm1.Script ...

window.onresize = function(){
  if (typeof UniLoginForm1 !== 'undefined') {  
    var getSize = Ext.getBody().getViewSize(),
        winWidth = getSize.width,
        winHeight = getSize.height,
        left = (winWidth - UniLoginForm1.window.width) / 2,
        top = (winHeight - UniLoginForm1.window.height) / 2;

    UniLoginForm1.window.setPosition(left, top);

2. UniLoginForm1.AlignmentControl -> uniAlignmentClient




Best regards,

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Thank you so much for help.

This is work like, what I want.


Q: Why FormScreenResize event not triggered? when resize browser.



I wanna center my loginform on browser. maybe other form(s) in future.  And I have no idea (I hope yet) uniGUI mecanism. If I'm not wrong, before create and show loginform, has to created server and main module, this mean can get some info from browser. ofcourse this is my idea, no knowledge yet. I'm still learning mode. (I hope this session be short :) )

Thank for answers.

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