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Size limits of file upload in standalone version / trial version


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Hmm. I thought that I had a trail limit problem.


I have set UniFileUpload1.MaxAllowedSize := 2048576000; (2GB / 2000MB)

But I am not able to upload more than aprox. 780 MB then it throws a "Out of memory" message in the webbrowser.

Tried Chrome, Edge and IE. Same error. Nothing in logs.


On my test setup, I have 16 GB total. 10 GB Free.

When uploading 1.1 GB, I can see that the process allocates 1.1 GB RAM, and the uniGUI/server also shows 1.1 GB allocated in Memory internal/process.


Are you able to upload more that 780 MB ?

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I have an Atozed Intraweb project that can handle a single upload of 2.0 GB with no problems. 

This way I know that the browsers can handle that much data.


As I see it, it can only be the UniFileUpload component or the uniGUI server that cannot handle that much data. (Bug ?)

There is no point in that you can specify MaxAllowedSize up to 2 GB, if it does not support it.


Why do you say that I cannot upload 2GB at once? Because of what? uniGUI? UniFIleUpload? The browsers? Something else?

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On 6/6/2017 at 6:03 PM, Farshad Mohajeri said:



Delphi 32-bit apps can only use 2GB at most. In practice it is around 1.2 GB.

Only 64-bit apps can use all available physical RAM.


Trial edition only supports 32-bit apps so you can not test this with Trial edition of uniGUI.


My app is running on Linux 64 (Ubuntu 18.0.4). The server has 256 GB of RAM. I set the MaxAllowedSize from 0 to When it was 0, no message was shown, but the upload did not work. After changing to 3221225472, the message above appeared.

What can I do to solve this matter?


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In my eyes, it is a bad way to handle large files relying on server memory.

Just imagine 10 concurrent users each uploading large files. It can easely blow the unigui server with out of memory.

Suggestion to unigui: Just do blockwrites and it is all solved.

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