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Missing some visible components in Delphi IDE

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Dear friends,

i am missing the Accordion component (shown in mdemo.dll) in Delphi IDE (components selection), the Release from April., 19 which I downloaded and installed. Also the tree grid seems not available as visual component.

And had someone already used the DBTreeGrid. I am desparate with the usage of Keyfields, TreeFields, Parent Fields...

Thanks a lot in advance for any ideas.

PS: TreeGrid in mdemo.dll - show sources causes an error

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There doesn't seem to be a visible component for this.  If you look at the example in mdemo, you will find that it is a form with AlignmentControl uniAlignmentClient which has a TUniContainerPanel with the layout set to accordion which contains other UniPanels with their layout set to fit.  And, of course, each of the sub-panels contain the tabs and other controls you see in the example.


Hope this helps.

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