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JOSE "JSON Object Signing and Encryption"


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Hello , I have to implement JOSE "JSON Object Signing and Encryption", 

from one app web , my app web is going to be linked and to pass the user ( and some data more )
we are going to use JOSE ,
Does Anybody have an idea how to i can to do this challenge ? 
we are using : UniGui  Professional Edition 
Thanks for your time.
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Hello ppb


I use the JOSE Framework (https://github.com/paolo-rossi/delphi-jose-jwt) it is fantastic, however I do not use it integrated with UniGui.


For a good integration with UniGui, I believe that Farshad should implement this in the Core of UniGui, just as it is used in TMS Sparkle (http://www.tmssoftware.com/site/Sparkle.asp?s=history)

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Thanks Marlon for your reply, 

I'm going to  use "delphi-jose-jwt" too.


that would be the better but I need to do it now ;

The JOSE block is inside the http header in the param "credentials",
Does anybody know how to get this parameter before the "login" form  ?
Best regards.
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