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General Problems

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After installed the purchased version of Unigui ( y ExtJs I cann´t run anymore my project (made with trials).

Need urgent help.

Where can I consult?.

While put here the tips.

My development is ISAPI (32 bits debug with XE8)


1.- Session expires before 2 minutes, I cann't test any nor debug anything with that short time. I always have wroted then event (yet on trial version)  TUniMainModule.UniGUIMainModuleSessionTimeout putting 4ex. ExtendTimeOut := 1800000;

I even tried with 

  AjaxTimeout    := 300000;
  Options        := Options - [soRestartSessionOnTimeOut];// - [soShowLicenseInfo];
  SessionTimeout := 600000;

but is ignored too (Or means something different from what I think).

2.- For each uniform that shows the application start again firing the "On Show" method of MainForm relaunching a new instance of w3wp.exe.

3.- I have a lot of frames, but the create constructor fires exception "Class TUniSimplePanel not found"

4.- I mount my site under IIS and put the uni- folder under the "unigui" root folder (same level than dll), and the  ExtJs folder 1 level up, I must put any more on client side?

5.- UniTreeView loses the elements (nodes and images) Items.NodeData dissapears from dfm file (fortunately Delphi make backups into history folder)

6.- When change in runtime de Formstate of Mainform it's ignored (Ex. OnShow formstate=wsMaximized)

7.- The Log from unigui component writes:

secgen.dll: 0000114C: 14:09:18 []:Starting Server. Module Handle: 0000000006060000
secgen.dll: 0000114C: 14:09:18 [TUniServerModule]:Server First Init.
secgen.dll: 0000114C: 14:09:18 [TUniServerModule]:Erasing Cache Folder...
secgen.dll: 0000114C: 14:09:18 [TUniServerModule]:Cache Folder Erased. <108> Files deleted.
secgen.dll: 0000114C: 14:09:18 []:EAccessViolation : Access violation at address 0606CC04 in module 'secgen.dll'. Read of address 0000002C : Addr: $0606CC04
secgen.dll: 0000114C: 14:09:18 [TUniServerModule]:HTTP Server not Started!
secgen.dll: 0000114C: 14:09:18 []:Server Started. Module Handle: 0000000006060000
secgen.dll: 0000114C: 14:09:18 []:Error creating SEQ file:C:\inetpub\wwwroot\sec-general\cache\cache\secgen\UivgRh4kni1Cy2J\_SEQ\9, Error:3
secgen.dll: 0000247C: 14:09:19 [HttpExtensionProc[]]:EUniSessionException : Sesión inválida o expirada : Addr: $063F07B2

Writes an access violation unknowed, not fired and .... the expired session

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Iguess the problem is here:

The access violation is fired when a frame is created.
This dll is called from an asp web page into an iframe.
I need create various frames, but when I create the first as ..
anotherFrame := TMyFrame.Create(Self) ; //Self is Main Form
anotherFrame.Type := myType;

The frame decide if show an unitreeview (in MainForm), or an unihtmlFrame (in MainForm), or show another uniform window (with the main form controls unvisibles), etc.

Perhaps that error prevents the normal working of ServerModule or MainModule ..... 


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Can you specify how you call the DLL?

I have an html page with an applet.

The applet gets the username from the domain.

The applet calls an ajax function inside html page that calls an asp page as


    Const address="http://localhost/secgen"
    Const portNumber="/SecGen.dll?user="
    Dim   urlName
    urlName = address&portNumber
    Session("loggedUser") = Request("user")
    urlname = urlname&Session("loggedUser")
<%=urlname %>

Then the unigui application dll begins, with the username passed as parameter.

The first thing to do on MainForm is create an frame.

How can create frame now? I can´t pass this "wormhole"

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