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how can I set application adress

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I want to install an uniGUI application as a Windows service on my private server.

I have several Java applications on TomCat running like:






now I want to run my application like this:




What shall I do? I Didn't found something like this in docs.



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Hello Farshad,



If you have more than one app you must assign a different port to each one.



Sorry for my ignoring,

What is the range of Port can we use  (not reserved )


- using the first peer 80  followed by any number. Is it a good rule ?

in ServerModule > Port = 8001,....8077, 8078, 8079... 


- Or can we use anynumber :

in ServerModule > Port =9001, 9002....


Maybe Reserved ?




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A port is just any arbitrary number from 0 to 65535. Theoretically, the port number does not affect anything. It is important only that this port is free. However, if your program finds that the port you specified is busy (that is, it is already listening to some other program on your computer), it will complain to you right away.

In practice, some numbers should not be chosen. Some numbers, especially small ones, can be occupied by the system services of your computer. Some numbers can be specially blocked by Internet providers.

If you do not value the port number aesthetically, it is recommended that you select a port above 5000. Some users recommend choosing a port above 42000.

For system and some popular programs, ports are identified with numbers from 0 to 1023, called system or commonly known.
Ports with numbers 1024 - 49151 are called user or registered.
Ports with numbers 49152 - 65535 are called dynamic, ephemeral or private.






Best regards,

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