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uniFrame scrolls to UniDBGrid at onCreate

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Hi ..


i have a uniFrame .. on the Frame i have a lot of uniLabels and images and uniPanels and so on ..


on the Bottom  i have a small uniDBGrid ...



If i create the uniFrame - the frame is allways scrolled down to the uniDBGrid .. very annoying ;-)



How can i change this behavior?


ThanX for suggestions



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I'm having the same problem. To reproduce the scenario, follow the steps below. My unigui version:

1) Create an empty project.
2) Put a UniSimplePanel with Align = alClient
3) Create an Unigui Frame
4) Put some simplepanels into the frame as Align = alTop and a unidbgrid below.
5) The dbgrid must be binded with a datasource and dataset to reproduce the scenario
6) Increase the height so that it will be greater than your screen
7) On FormCreate of MainForm, use the code below to create the frame.

var Frame1: TUniFrame1;
Frame1 = TUniFrame1.Create(Self);
Frame1.Align := alClient;
Frame1.Parent := UniSimplePanel1;

7) Run your code and see that your frame will be positioned on the dbgrid.

Ps: It will only occurs when your dataset has result.

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I found a solution that is not so elegant.

1) set dbgrid with Visible = false.
2) On UniDBGrid AfterLoad put this code:
3) On UniFrame AjaxEvent put this code:

if (EventName = 'UniDBGrid1') then
        UniDBGrid1.Visible := true;


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