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IUSR User ?

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In unigui.pdf and online doc



there is a step where we have to give full access to this super user IUSR.


I did'nt add this IUSR on my VPS windows server R2012 and my applications work fine.

So, is IUSR important ?



What are the current access rights for that folder? Have you made any other change to that folder access rights?

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Hello Farshad,


No, i did no special rights setting.

But on  :

- MyWebApplication/ Authentication  / Anonymous Authentication = Enable  

- Edit Anonymous Authentication Credential  I let  User Identity  to :  Application pool Identity   (and not  IUSR as i did'nt creat it) :

- Like Chee Yang Chau Setting : 


But, finally I create the super user  IUSR  and did like you recommand on doc.

Thx again.


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