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Problem to show TUnimURLFrame in Iphone

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I have developed an application that generates PDF and shows them in TUnimURLFrame. The PDF is larger than the space of the TUnimURLFrame, but scrolling, it looks good in Android , PC, Ipad and Windows Phone , but in Iphone, only the screen area is shown, not allowing to scroll of the content.
The application and PDFs are the same ones that look good on other devices and bad on Iphone.


I try to set scrollable=True in TUnimForm , but don't work in Iphone.


Thank's in advance.



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Please see my reply to your post in Bug Reports forum.




I have checked that answer, but unfortunately, the bug is still there. You can see it with any iOS system in the mobile demo:




You just go to Miscellaneous - URL Frame - and pick any web. In Android, you can load it perfectly, and scroll the loaded webpage down. However on iOS, you can only see the piece of web that fits on your iOS screen. The same problem occurs if you use an HTMLFrame with an iframe inside. No matter the "scrollable" setting (True or false).

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