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TUniDBLookupComboBox and TUniDBGrid Question


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Hi All,


I m trying to put the UniDBLookupComboBox into a column of UniDBGrid and set the UniDBLookupComboBox to display list value instead of the key value.


for example , I select "1-(Sugar)" where "1" is the key and "Sugar" is name. I suppose it can show "Sugar" as I   after selected But only "1".


    object UniDBLookupComboBox_Coach: TUniDBLookupComboBox
      Left = 3
      Top = 231
      Width = 145
      ListFormat = '%s'
      ListOnlyMode = lmFollowSource
      ListField = 'IOP_NAME_ENG_LNG'
      ListSource = dsCoach
      KeyField = 'IOP_KEY_SYS'
      ListFieldIndex = 0
      TabOrder = 4
      Color = clWindow
I find that if I use the UniDBLookupComboBox alone in a edit form. It show the list value instead of the key. can I achieve same in embed in the unidbgrid?
Any advise ?
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Actually I already the demo ( GridWithDBLookupCombo) to do  but I dont know how to display it


In image lookup.jpg

you can find that the Top one  is the selected one from list which is I suppose it display but once I save it , it go to bottom one.


I need use unidblookupcombo to display the top one case. Can I do that ? 

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