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White blank page after dialog close


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I recently notices that I'm getting blank white page after dialog is closed. In my application on MainForm I have DBGrid and when double click is performed detail form is shown. After I click close button on this detail form I get white blank page. It seems that behind the whiteness there are all controls from MainForm, but they aren't visible.



  • On start there is MainForm (MainForm.png)
  • Double click on the record opens details dialog (DetailsDialog.png)
  • When Close button on details dialog is clicked, I get whiteness (BlankWhite.png)

Because this started recently I suspected that some IE patch made this. I found out that this blank white page only apper on Windows 7, witch has IE 11 with KB3197655 patch installed (seen in Windows 7 - IE11.png). I followed this patch on MS website (https://support.microsoft.con/en-us/kb/3197655). There is this drawElements (KB3203729) that they fixed witch I think is a change that causes me problems. On other IE Works just fine, but this combination seems to cause me problem. Blank white page sometimes disaper by it self and show MainForm and sometimes don't. I found that that if I resize IE when there is a white blank page, it dissaper and MainForm is shown.


Please help.


Best regards!

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