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Charts, Grids, etc.


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Have been using the desktop components for a short time now and quite nice and now need to make it a little more appealing (UI wise) and use similar colors to our other programs. In order to do that...


(and using build 1332 presently)


1. in a uniStringGrid setting the defaultHeight does nothing. even when the defaultHeight is set at design time, the program does not obey this property, but does obey the defaultWidth property.


2. in a uniStringGrid want the abiity to have some sort of spacing between cells so that each cell appears separated.


3. in a bar chart need the ability to set the color of bars. cannot see how this possible.


4. know that you were working on x- and y- axis labels to specify units. I had problem with the displaying of the chart. assume this was fixed?


5. any plans of having a uni(m)stringgrid for touch application?


6. (not really a feature request) but how do you have the "loading.... please wait" type message (and hourglass cursor) when the program moves from say the main page to the frame and queries are performed in the create event of the frame?





PS. If any of these have been implemented/fixed please let me know what version to go to.

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