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How to add my string(s) into unigui log file?


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I need debug ISAPI dll, of course not from in Delphi. exe work without problem, but dll has a problem, I coulnd't find as long as two days. afew minutes ago I found problem, its on my Adoconnection string build routine. I don get any error, log files normal, but application freeze. problem on my this routine, but I need to debug. so, If I write a string into log file I can find then problem.

Is it possible add string(s) to unigui's log file ? and how to do this?

Thank you, regrads.

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 UniServerModule.Logger.AddLog('renameden öncesi: 1');
  P:= DLLName;
 UniServerModule.Logger.AddLog('renameden öncesi: 2');
  S:= ChangeFileExt(P, '.run');
 UniServerModule.Logger.AddLog('renameden öncesi: 3');
  C:= ChangeFileExt(P, '.update');
 UniServerModule.Logger.AddLog('renameden öncesi: 4');
  Z:= 'c:\XE10\myIsapi\0\Debug\Win32\MyIsapi.dll';
  UniServerModule.Logger.AddLog('renameden öncesi:');
  if RenameFile(P, S)then begin
    UniSession.Log('renameden sonrası:');
    CopyFile(PWideChar(Z), PWideChar(C), True);
    UniServerModule.Logger.AddLog('copy sonrası  z=', Z);
ShowMessage(P +sLineBreak+ S +sLineBreak+ C +sLineBreak+ Z  +sLineBreak+ C);

This code in "onclick" Event on main form. When run this code on ISAPI, there is no error. But there is no log in log file too. code is worked becouse, showmessage is popup, and real & true values showing. what is worng ? I couldn't find.

I'm trying ISAPI update, with ISAPILoader.dll (you can find message about that in forum) I need to rename application (MyIsapi.dll) to MyIsapi.run, then copy new dll from c drive to webroot folder.

Why "UniServerModule.Logger.AddLog" not work here ???

Thank you

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