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Custom Component / ServerModule (css/js)


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Hi All,


What would be the best method for a custom UniGUI control which uses additional CSS and JS files ?


My initial thought was:


1x  UniComponentCore   which is dropped onto the ServerModule (adding css/js and initialising as required)

1x  UniComponent  dropped into a form which requires the UniComponentCore to be work.

(Maybe even a dialog box to warn if no ComponentCore is found in the ServerModule).


This way any additional CSS/JS is only added once. No need to check/manage css/js.


It also free's the new UniComponent to assume configuration is ok (not worrying about CSS/JS) provided the ComponentCore is in the ServerModule.


Or is there a cleaner way ?


There are a number of additional components I would like to write/wrap with extra css/js and would like the preferred method before I start.






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A quick question regarding behaviour of the CustomControl3 example.


If I place 10x uniCustomControl3's onto a form.


I'm assuming each controls initialisation will be called, resulting in calling UniAddJSLibrary 10 times ?


Does the AddJSLibrary routine check if the library already exists ? And not add duplicates ?




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