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Error trying to run/convert desktop app to mobile (trial)


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I've tried to create a mobile version of the proof of concept desktop application I've created.


I did this by creating first of all a mobile application with the wizard, and then adding the frames (from the desktop version) as well as all needed code/dependencies into the mobile application.


Then I replaced the server module and session module (main module) generated by the wizard, with those defined in the desktop application (remove and add the ones from the other project.)


Lastly I wired up the frames (login and main frame) onto the corresponding mobile forms and then rejigging them to be positioned reasonably.  


The project then compiled and ran fine.  


However when attempting to use it, I get in my browser the following errors


1) First of all an alert dialog displaying "Cannot read property Panel of undefined"

2) When dismissing this I then get a (nicely animated) dialog displaying:

Ajax Error
O44 is not defined


I'm completely at a loss as to what might be causing this.  Has anybody seen it?  Have I done something wrong or broken something inadvertently?



Many thanks.



Edit: I've just created another blank mobile app with nothing in it but:

a) MainForm

b.) LoginForm

c) LoginFrame with edit and button added

d) Login Frame dropped on Login form

e) Compile, Run.


Result: Alert saying "Cannot read property 'Text" of undefined."  So I suppose this must be yet another trial limitation or bug?  (Can I just tactfully say that the trial limitations are making it quite difficult for me to try and develop something sufficiently compelling to get agreement from customers, nor is it helping convince me that the quality/stability is there to risk taking to production...)

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