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Use Application cache of Webbrowser for uniGui App?


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is it possible to create an UniGui App with this specifications:


- works offline in the browser 

- Data Storage is a text file (name of textfile is somthing like user_id and Unique number)

- if online - then Send textfile to server



.. i want to give a employe a "To do"-List ... but the user is not allways reaching a WLan or Mobile-Phone Network ..


.. the user should use checkboxes for his ToDo-List  what he has done


.. if online - the Server should know, what the user has done in his offline-periode


ThanX for suggestions



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i found a small demo for "offline webapp" ...




.. did something works with UniGui too ?


.. how can i send informations from a offline-device (when it is online again)  to the webserver ?  i should capture the informations which are written during the offline-time-period in the main database of the webserver ..


Thanx for sugestions


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