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Ext.ux.form.MultSelect is not a constructor

Harry Rogers

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When I open a session of an app that's been running fine for months in Chrome (53.0.2785.116 m) 

I get this browser alert/message and the session does not run  (it still works fine in IE)


  'Ext.ux.form.MultSelect is not a constructor'


Anyone else encountered any new Chrome issues ?

(Today was the first time this app has run compiled with unigui   - may be significant?)


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It's still working on the Server it was installed on 4 months ago.

It's on my Dev PC (64bit Win 10  v10.0.10586)  that I have the issue.


Using a Win 7 VM (32bit v6.1.7600) on the same dev pc I can access it fine with what claims to be the same Chrome version.

- which suggests it's something going on on the dev machine I guess.


Flushing the cache has no effect I'm afraid.

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OK I've established It works fine from any location (including the Dev machine) when you specify the ip address:port as the target.

When it fails is if I use the loopback address (


This is new behavior but at least I can work around it !  (IE, Edge, & Firefox are quite happy with the loopback address (As is Chrome with each of the other UniGui apps I've tried! ) 



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Resolved !

The file is present.

I tried using different ports and found it was only the original port that I used where the problem was present.

I thought it unlikely that it was really the port - so the cache became a suspect again. I installed the chrome extension 'Cache Killer' and as soon as that was enabled it worked! So despite 'clearing' the cache from the Chrome options page it was still maintaining a copy somewhere!


So thanks to you both for your time on this - it's put to bed now.


All the best

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