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How To show progress while downloading multi files


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My Application should have a procedure which downloads mult files about 100, each file size is about 20mb.


I want to show progress while dowonloading.


For example,


UniProgreesBar1.Max := 100;


for N := 1 to 100 do 


  Unisession.SendFile("FileName" + IntToStr(N));

  UniProgreesBar1.Position := N;




However, this coding does not work.

UniProgressBar does not show the progress.


What should I do to show the progress?


Best Regards.
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Thanks, Farshad Mohajeri

At first time, my App failed when demo code was applied.

And now I succeeded after inserting sleep() in for loop.

Maybe each file size is too large(20MB)?


Thanks again, uniGUI is GOOOOD!


PS : Where are SyncClientUpdate - 2  and  SyncClientUpdate - 3

I use Regular version

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