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Big data table display problem


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Connect the Firebird with UniDBGrid->DataSource->FDTable->FDConnect, table has 200 million pieces of data. FDTable.FetchOptions: = [evUnidirectional], UniDBGrid the page mode, memory should be for the PageSize * 2, but when FDTable.Active: =True; and will read all of the 200 million pieces of data and lead to run out of memory.

In VCL, the UniDBGrid will be replaced by DBGrid after all the normal.

Don't know where the problem is.

Hope to provide a large data table display examples, thank you!

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In VCL, FDQuery Unidirectional can not be used, but FDTable Unidirectional can be a good job.

If UNIGUI does not support, if there are 10000 pieces of data in the table, enter the user will read the 10000 data to the server memory, the user increases, the great occupation server resources, do not know there is nothing wrong with my understanding.

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