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Deployment standalone problem


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1) I wanted to deploy the trial unigui standalone app on the PC of the potential customer but failed.

I did everything according to the unigui deployment doc:

set the TUniserverModule vars:

  ServerRoot := 'c:\Program Files\MyApp\';
  ExtRoot := '.\Uni\[ext]';
  UniRoot := '.\Uni\[uni]';
  CacheFolder := '.\Uni\';
  FilesFolder := '.\';
  TempFolder := '.\Uni\Temp';

then copied to 'c:\Program Files\MyApp\Uni\' directory the Unigui  and ExtJs directories:

'ext-' and 'uni-'


All I can see in the browser is the "Loading..." screen.

I checked it on the other PCs with the same result


Internet Explorer shows a small warning icon in the status bar telling that the page contains errors like

'Ext' - definition is missing


2) I tried to do the same on my PC with Delphi removing and restoring FMSoft directory from Program Files and found that

sometimes(!) it works fine and sometimes I get the same"loading..." message. I could not find the rule but when the FMSoft directory is present the app is working in 100% cases.


Did I miss something?

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