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Exposing methods Restfull the same unigui server , what better way? it's possible ?

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I have the same above request and need to support RESTful requests. To avoid asking client to install two services on two different ports, I need to merge a RESTful service with Unigui.


I know there is a HTTPCommand on Server module. Answering requests in this function will block other requests as the process can be time consuming. Creating threads and managing them can be one way to handle it, but will need good effort.


Does/will Unigui support handling  Rest? 

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One solution is to build a router/gateway (or use NGINX) which redirects the traffic to the correct service based on a regular expression and the resource path, which mean that you have only one port open to the public and the services each have their own internal port. It also adds another level of security as well as load balancing.




UniGUI also uses REST although might it be only one resource namely "/event".

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