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Hi All,


I have a form where the user is supposed to chose from a total of 18 comboboxes (cmb). Each of the cmb has the same set of data in the items list. Now the user is expected to select different options for the 18 cmbs.


1. If I load all the 9 cmbs at the server during form creation, I have a feeling that the amount of memory used will be wasted as I am basically repeating the same set of data, almost 50 rows, 18 times over - giving a total of 900 rows!!! I expect this app to be in use by more than 1500 people SIMULTANEOUSLY. The Server has memory, but I like proper design if I can swing it.


2. In trying to conserve memory, I re-assign the store of one cmb to all the other cmbs at the client. This works perfectly on the client side, but when I try to read the data selected in the cmb at the server, it returns a blank. Its like there is no data as far as the server is concerned.


My question:

A. Is (1) a good design? Am I worrying too much? The forms are pretty complicated with lots of other components. I don't want to have to refactor If memory is an issue during live.

B. How come UG doesn't reflect client side manipulations of certain components on the server side? Is there a way around this?


NB. I CANNOT use a grid for the design.


Kind regards.

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