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DefaultFloatFormat in UniDBGrid

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I have FormatSettings.DecimalSeparator = ',' but UniDBGrid insists on displaying float field values using dot '.' to separate decimals. What should I put into UniDBGrid.WebOptions.DefaultFloatFormat to make it use comma? Obvious values like '0,0' doesn't change anything.

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3 hours ago, x11 said:

but i don't know how to do it in uniGUI

The Correct place to put FormatSetting is on ServerModule  Initialization Section :

procedure TUniServerModule.FirstInit;


// correct place to initialize global FormatSettings parameters

  UniGuiApplication.PFmtSettings.CurrencyString := '€';
  UniGuiApplication.PfmtSettings.CurrencyFormat:=3;  //  See F1 CurrencyFormat 0 =  €1    1 = 1€     2 = € 1     3 =  1 €
  UniGuiApplication.PfmtSettings.DecimalSeparator :='.';
  UniGuiApplication.PfmtSettings.ThousandSeparator:=' ';
  UniGuiApplication.PfmtSettings.DateSeparator := '/';
  UniGuiApplication.PfmtSettings.TimeSeparator :=':';
  UniGuiApplication.PfmtSettings.LongTimeFormat :='hh:nn:ss';

  // IMPORTANT !!!
  //  AFTER in the code  for all functions  : StrToFloat, FloatToSrt, DateToStr, ...
  //  Must have  FmSetting :
  //  StrToFloat(ch, UniGuiApplication.FmtSettings)    ,  ...
  //  DateToStr(madate, UniGuiApplication.FmtSettings)
  //  Example :  v:=StrToFloat(St, UniGuiApplication.FmtSettings);




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Erratum :

The Correct place to put FormatSetting (if the application is aimed at a large audience) is on MainModule  Create Section as have described Farshad.

Effectively, each session will have its own format. So, we can have a Brazilian user, an Arabic user and so...

Thank you Farshad.

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