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64 bit for UniGui. How to use properly?


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Hello, everyone! I've read docs of Farshad for Stress Tool about 32 / 64 bit Applications


quote from docs:

While 32-bit  application can consume up to 2 GB of RAM in theory, in practice any value above 1.0-1.1 GB means that you are in danger zone. That happens because memory used by uniGUI app is very fragmented and for other reasons Delphi's memory manager can not occupy 2 GB of RAM for an 32-bit uniGUI server. When your app runs out of memory it will start logging "Out of Memory" message and user will also see this message when a new session is started. This is a serious situation  and may produce unpredictable results which will eventually lead to a server crash. If you are concerned with memory usage and your app will use more than 1GB of RAM it is better to target your server for 64-bit platform. In a 64-bit server it is very unlikely to get an "Out of Memory" error because even when physical RAM is consumed Windows will switch to virtual memory which is limited by swap space available on your hard drive. So in a 64-bit server you can consume memory much larger than the available physical memory.

So its unclear for me how to use our application with 64 bit systems properly


As I understand if we use StandAlone server, than it is 32 bit anyway. And if we will use it on 64 bit Windows for example with 16 GB of memory for example we will not see any advantages (more than 4 GB of RAM).


If we use dll, so it is library, used by IIS for example. And how it works here not very clear.If IIS itself 64 bit than our application is 64 bit or not ? 


Please answer who faced with that. Thank you in advance!!!

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