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FileUploader ... "C:\fakepath\.."


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Hello Farshad,


herer are the screenshots .. the testfile is a TXT file located on my desktop .. i tested it with files located on shared drives and other local folders .. the dialog shows always "C:\fakepath\ [filename]  


The upload works fine!


Nice greetings




The FileUpload is "Standard" - no special things or so ..

  object UniFileUpload1: TUniFileUpload
    OnCompleted = UniFileUpload1Completed
    Title = 'Daten'#252'bertragung'
    Messages.Uploading = 'Daten'#252'bertragung...'
    Messages.PleaseWait = 'Bitte warten...'
    Messages.Cancel = 'Abbruch'
    Messages.Processing = 'Datenbearbeitung...'
    Messages.UploadError = #220'bertragung fehlerhaft'
    Messages.Upload = 'Senden'
    Messages.NoFileError = 'Bitte w'#228'hlen Sie eine Datei aus'
    Messages.BrowseText = 'Browse...'
    Left = 746
    Top = 592



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I think that is a normal behavior of your browser, not related to uniGUI, it is something about security settings in your browser (search "fakepath" in Google, you'll find technical explanations if you are interested).


Anyway, I always had this "C:\fakepath" since I use TUniFileUpload (for years): files were always correctly uploaded.

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