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unimdbgrid editor property


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Using DBGrid Editors demo as starting point.

How can set the width of the detail panel editor and / or change element size?

Can we align panel at left?


Search inside code but I don't find where you create the detail panel.





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As said Farshad, "Editor" hard coded in Sencha Touch code ..
and I think in the next versions of these params will be available in the properties..

While, you can like this..

Ext.grid.plugin.Editable.override({onTrigger: function(g) {
    var i = this,
        a = i.getGrid(),
        k = i.getFormConfig(),
        c = i.getToolbarConfig(),
        d = i.getRecordByTriggerEvent(g),
        f, b, h, j;
    if (d) {
        if (k) {
            this.form = b = Ext.factory(k, Ext.form.Panel)
        } else {
            this.form = b = Ext.factory(i.getDefaultFormConfig());
            f = i.getEditorFields(a.getColumns());
        j = Ext.factory(c, Ext.form.TitleBar);
        j.down("button[action=cancel]").on("tap", "onCancelTap", this);
        j.down("button[action=submit]").on("tap", "onSubmitTap", this);
        this.sheet = h = a.add({
            xtype: "sheet",
            items: [j, b],
            hideOnMaskTap: true,
            enter: "left",             // <---------- default "enter: "right""
            exit: "left",              // <---------- default "enter: "right""
            left: 0,                   // <---------- default "right: 0"
            width: 320,                // <---------- default "width: 320"
            layout: "fit",
            stretchY: true,
            hidden: true
        if (i.getEnableDeleteButton()) {
                xtype: "button",
                text: "Delete",
                ui: "decline",
                margin: 10,
                handler: function() {
        h.on("hide", "onSheetHide", this);
        // Additionally added... width of the "label" as a percentage of the "total" width 
        // default 30%
        Ext.select('#'+a.id+' .x-form-label').elements.forEach(function(el){el.style["width"]="40%"});

* you can add this code to window.beforeInit

and you can use different combinations of animations ("enter", "exit"): left, right, top, bottom...



Best regards.

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Editor width is hard coded in Sencha Touch code but I can add a property to adjust field label widths.

Ok thanks.

The native editor is very usefull to build simple interface to configuration tables and speed up the coding.

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