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C++ Builder XE7.

I use many components (FDQuery, ClientDataSet) in MainModule uniGUI Standalone Server application. This application for Desktop.

I start new mobile uniGUI application. Can I use MainModule from uniGUI Desktop application in new mobile application?

Just replace the files?


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You can use mobile form and desktop form in same project. Just check out hybrid demo (it's under touch demos).


Please explain me step by step how to add mobile form to an existing uniGUI desktop application?
С++ Builder.
Thank you.
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Oh sorry. I didn't see you talking about C++ Builder.


But since hybrid (mobile and desktop in same project) is a thing in UniGUI you most probably can add mobile form in desktop project with C++ Builder.


I don't know about C++ builder but you may be add directly like add another uniform.

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