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Native Web Application Look And Feel


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Unigui/Extjs is mostly focused on implementing classical desktop application controls and UI as a part of web application. But some of us prefer to make our designs look and feel like native web application, we hide the form borders and we align the forms to fill whole browser area, we use "MainFormDisplayMode = mfPage", try to keep track of the browser window size and resize the controls with server effort etc. All these efforts are for to implement a site complies with modern web users' behaviors. People use many different screen resolutions and aspect ratios, besides that they don't even use the browsers in full-screen mode all the time.



It has been asked and discussed in the forum recently in multiple topics. Even I opened this topic regarding that. And here, the suggested method not seems to be working.


I believe it is still uncertain how to develop browser centered (client side), native looking web application using Unigui. 


For instance this wordpress template demo page:





There are equal margins at left and right and the page keeps its centered position unless you resize the browser window to be smaller than the page itself, re-alignment of every single component in the page is not crucial but of course alignment of the main "panel(?)" with the browser is somewhat expected.


And of course putting all the controls onto one single form is generally not a good idea and I would like to use multiple forms in this way, but again MainFormDisplayMode = mfPage applies only to main form, it is another issue.


So a demo application that shows smooth implementation of a web application, specialized panel controls for this kind of application would be one of the most important things with Unigui for some of us.

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I think its not only me. I went through all these topics but none of them have a client size seamless integration for centering the forms and panels like CSS.


For the frontend design, it is still a problem. If you are not going to develop an ERP software etc, people might find the windows/desktop based look weird.


I think it is a must to be able to adjust panel/form (not only mainform) locations according to the browser window size at the client side without server intervention even if it is resized!

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