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Text-To-Speech (meSpeak.js) Simple Component For Unigui

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simple TextToSpeech Unigui component(wrapper) of mespeak.js. 


Voices are quite robotic but   "don't look a gift horse in the mouth" or "Noli equi dentes inspicere donati" .   




I tried only the languages with which I have some familiarity; sorry !!


supported languages :  


ca       (Catalan)

cs       (Czech)

de       (German)

el       (Greek)

en/en    (English)

en/en-n- (English, regional)

en/en-rp (English, regional)

en/en-sc (English, Scottish)

en/en-us (English, US)

en/en-wm (English, regional)

eo       (Esperanto)

es       (Spanish)

es-la    (Spanish, Latin America)

fi       (Finnish)

fr       (French)

hu       (Hungarian)

it       (Italian)

kn       (Kannada)

la       (Latin)

lv       (Latvian)

nl       (Dutch)

pl       (Polish)

pt       (Portuguese, Brazil)

pt-pt    (Portuguese, European)

ro       (Romanian)

sk       (Slovak)

sv       (Swedish)

tr       (Turkish)

zh       (Mandarin Chinese, Pinyin)

zh-yue   (Cantonese Chinese, Provisional)


See  mespeak documentation.


Supported browsers: Firefox, Chrome / Opera, Webkit, Safari and Chrome 38.0.2125.509 on Android 4.2.2.



Not supported browsers: MS Internet Explorerer.





Installation : 




package BmTextToSpeak;

{$R 'bmtexttospeak.dcr'}

{$R *.res}







  UniGUI17;   // XE3 , change your delphi version. 



              // XE2  UniGUI16;

              // XE3  UniGUI17; 

              // XE4  UniGUI18; 

              // XE5  UniGUI19; 

              // XE6  UniGUI20; 

              // XE7  UniGUI21; 

              // XE8  UniGUI22; 




  BMTextToSpeak in 'BMTextToSpeak.pas';





1) change your delphi version. 


2) Build and Install package. 


3) from release XE4 add Compiler Options   -LUDesignIDE    see : CompilerOptions.png 


3a) compile and Run parla.dpr



Good fun !



P.S. The file bmtexttospeak.zip is a little big because it contains the folder Voices. 




 bmtexttospeak.zip  02/09/2015







Salvatore Marullo

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