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At first, I wanted a listview to show a bunch of rows from my array of info. It appeared there is NO listview equivalent. So, I tried StringGrid.


The top row and left row (fixed rows) do not stay on the screen when I scroll around. I saw where this was normal behaviour. Is there a chance of fixing this?


Also, in the design mode, I could change the column widths, but when I run it in web mode, the columns are all the same width and CAN NOT be resized. Very wierd. Is this also normal behaviour?


NOTE: If in design mode, if I go to "view form as text" and then switch back to "view as form", ALL the column width adjustments are lost. This is not intuitive... am I missing something?


The listview is the real solution for me so that I can RIGHT JUSTIFY certain columns that contain money values.


Any thoughts?



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