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Keyboard Event processing/Masking


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I see "ClientEvents". It seems that maybe this is where you can assign some javascript code to particular events. And that you can use the EXT trapped events or the UniGui trapped events.


But what does ENABLED=TRUE do? This is just turn on or off the scripting logic?


Is see...







What do the 4 properties of MonitoredKeys actually do?


I see...






What do these settings do? I know the handletabs seemed to allow the form to utilize the tab functionality.


RTL:   What does this do?









Could you explain what these do? I see talk about waitdata all over the place, it's not clear. And please be clear about "Target" as I can't even image what that does.





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I've looked thru the demos.The problem is that the fields are NOT documented anywhere. Sure, I could look at a demo and see that a particular property "appears" to do a particular thing. But I will NOT know the full story, like other things the property does that is not obvious.


Documentation as to what the property does and what the requirements are to even use the property and what the side effects of using such property would be helpful.


If I was a scientist and saw that Gene-II12 seemed to allow fast healing, I might be tempted to use it. But without know that this gene allows fast cell re-generation, I might not realize that I would be speeding up cancer growth as well.


I hope you see my point.


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Davie - you  are right about the lacking documentation.


However, this is not unusual when it comes to startup frameworks like this,

because of limited resources, continual development/debugging etc.


As the product matures and the user base expands,

documentation typically follows - often made by power users themselves.


Surely, the demos could have been documented, and not much would

be needed - just a couple of lines to indicate where the critical sections are.


Because this is a type of framework where you obviously can do a lot of

smart things with very little code. Only problem is that there is so little

code that you can barely find it. I too struggled a bit with this in the start.


As you get to know the framework, you realize that - of course - there is

a limited number of "smart places" to insert code or otherwise "smart things" to do.


In the beginning most things may look confusing. But the confusion itself

is only the sure sign of impending insight, patiently waiting around the corner.


Everybody agrees that we need more documentation, but everybody is

also so occupied making this framework produce some cash, so who's

got the time?


One thing is the step into the client-server paradigm, another is the

Unigui specific ways of solving things.


I think of linear, desktop programming as a monologue: you always

have the floor, and you always know what's coming next, because

you and only you are in control. This is of course not entirely

correct because nowadays its all event-driven, but at least you

have a pretty linear execution flow, like you mentioned.


Client-server programming - on the other hand - is more like a

dialogue. You don't know all the steps ahead, and each of the

parties involved needs to have their say. You build the road

as you go, and who knows what's coming next?


Of course a dialogue is a lot more complex than a monologue,

just as relationships are more complex than being alone. But as

often: with added complexities comes increased opportunities.


Knowing our typical issues with relationships - as human beings - 

it may be a good thing to work within the client-server paradigm,

as that may even enhance our relational skills. Any system insight

is available as a resource within another field of our existence.


Regarding Unigui-specific solutions there is a documentation

project going on, however it would of course be a luxurious thing

to have one single person dedicated to this full time, although

that is what is really needed now.

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