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Another desktop example


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Hello, here is another desktop example using more javascript, and the idea was to get some transparency in the taskbar. I borrowed the code for the menu, from the other desktop sample in this forum.  Best viewed in full HD, full screen (F11). Updated: some JS correction, added analog clock as part of datetime dialog etc. The code for autostart of browser is in the servermodule, triggered at onCreate. 


For those who cannot download here, I've uploaded it to http://cashlessnews.com/webdesktop.zip




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Thank you for return,


excuse my English, I will try to explain below:


In your example this fixed 3 buttons on the toolbar, but need to add new buttons in start menu, my question is how to bring up the toolbar buttons that were not fixed it (new forms for example).

-> how to dynamically add javascript in new non-fixed calls

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The main form loads the deskscript.html file on load, and it is in this file that you

manipulate the desktop apparance, including the icons, in javascript. Study that file.


You can just add some javascript which defines another icon, to this file, and reload it.


First of course store the icon, so you can reference it. You could have a bunch of icons

already stored which the user may choose from.


Then push the chosen icon into the icons array, with the correct x position. To get

that x pos, read the last icon in the array, since the xpos is not a global var.


You can just create an addIcon function, to do this job...and then run this function

through an AddJS call, referencing the icon you want.

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